IDeL History

Some Company info

IDeL can boast over sixty years of experience in the plastic moulding industry.
  • '70Beginning of Pots Production
    The company was started in the 50s by Osvaldo Desideri and its core business was plastic houseware manufacturing. In the 70s, Fabrizio Desideri, Osvaldo’s son, further developed and diversified production. IDeL started manufacturing plastic pots and planters for growers and nurseries. The new products offered added value both in the way plants were presented and the quality of materials used, thus meeting the needs of a rapidly growing industry.
  • '80Company Growth
    In the 80s, the company started growing sizeable and expanded its production range. Drawing inspiration from Tuscany’s traditional terracotta pots, IDeL was the first to produce decorative pots and planters that were also suited for professional applications.
  • 2000World Expansion
    For some years now, the company enjoys a sound market positioning and relies on a prestigious customer base. Products are exported to a large number of countries worldwide: Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and United Arab Emirates.
  • 2014Company extension
    Today, we are one of the top players in the industry. Few years ago in order to face up to greater market challenges, IDeL built a brand new production site. A very modern, fully-automated factory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology is now supporting IDeL production.
  • 2015Looking to the Future…
    Passion, is what you or your costumers put inside pots every day! It’s not just “a plant” as ordinary we use to say. From IDeL’s side, Passion is the guide! It’s what is moving us forward and gives inspiration every time we develop a new product, a new colour or a new sale solution! Passion is what we have in common.